Mark St. John

Mark St. John ( born February 7, 1956 in Anaheim, California as Mark Leslie Norton; † 5 April 2007) was an American rock musician and occasional guitarist of the group KISS.

St. John replaced in April 1984 Vinnie Vincent in Kiss. In the group he was an employee who received a fixed salary; Revenue from copyrights were not contracted to him. He took the group on the album Animalize; Bruce Kulick at two titles added each added a solo. St. John fell ill during rehearsals for the following tour to Reiter's disease and was replaced by Bruce Kulick at the concerts of the Animalize tour in Europe, which took place from 30 September 1984 to 5 November 1984.

As Kiss returned to the United States, took St. John of the tour began on November 15, 1984 part, but was also represented here by Bruce Kulick and watched the concert from the stage side or the audience room. Only at the concert in Baltimore on November 27, 1984, he could even occur with Kiss for the first time. Bruce Kulick played here for the first third of the show, after the guitar solo by Paul Stanley, he made ​​way for St. John, who joined the title " Under the Gun ". St. John also played in the next two concerts, in each case the entire show, but had been on December 2, 1984 in Indianapolis again be completely replaced by Bruce Kulick.

St. John accompanied the band in the first week of December in 1984, received on December 7, 1984 but his resignation and was sent home. The unforeseeable development of his disease was ultimately the reason for the decision to fire him. Bruce Kulick was a day later, an official member of the band.

After he had recovered again, St. John founded with his brother, the band White Tiger, with whom he released an album in 1986. Over a moderate success but the group did not come out, but the album was re-released in 1999; at the same time also appeared "Raw", an album of old recordings of the group that had emerged after the release of the first album.

After the end of White Tiger St. John was again guitar lessons and worked as a session musician. He appeared in 1989 in the video clip of David Hasselhoff 's song " Is Everybody Happy", but there can be no evidence for an involvement of the guitarist on the recordings of Hasselhoff album " Looking for Freedom " find where the song is included. 1989 and 1990 worked Mark St. John with Peter Criss on the project, The Keep, a publication, however, did not it.

In 1999, he released the EP Mark St. John Project, which contained five tracks. Two of the pieces had St. John co-wrote with Peter Criss, a third title was by Peter Criss and Phil Naro. The remaining two tracks were instrumentals. In 2003 he was a full-length album, titled Magic Bullet Theory, 2006 entered St. John in the context of so-called "Kiss expos " in Europe and played in each case together with a Kiss cover band.

On 5 April 2007 Mark St. John died at the age of 51 years to a brain hemorrhage.


As a band, musicians

  • Kiss - Animalize (1984 )
  • White Tiger - White Tiger ( 1986)
  • White Tiger - Raw ( 1999)


  • Mark St. John Project - Mark St. John Project ( 1999)
  • Mark St. John - Magic Bullet Theory ( 2003)

As a studio guitarist

  • Ken Tamplin - Tamplin & Friends An Axe To Grind (1990 )