Sonic Boom (Kiss album)

EU: October 5, 2009 USA: October 6, 2009


Sonic Boom is the 19th studio album by the American hard rock band Kiss. It was recorded and released, eleven years after Psycho Circus, the last studio album in 2009.

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First Kiss showed no interest on a new album, but instead were more tours planned with old songs. As of 2009, the group decided to. In the spring, the songwriting began, the samples were carried out in May and June 2009, the album was recorded. The recordings took place in the Conway Studios in Hollywood; digital was not included, but only analog, to get a " authentic feel " in the songs. Guest musicians were neither invited as guest songwriter. The entire new material came so far by the band members themselves keyboards can be found on the LP nor the otherwise obligatory ballad. Rhythm guitarist, vocalist and frontman Paul Stanley produced the album. In his view, the band was missing in the past sometimes to pick the best albums, either chemistry, occupation or the willingness to highest possible dedication of each individual. This should, however, this time was different. Stanley sees it this way: "Before we started the album, I said that I 'm only interested if I produce and some basic rules are followed: total dedication of all of us, pure guitar -driven kiss- sound, no outside songwriter, no guest musicians and my opinion is the final. All said to yes and we all had as much fun as never before. " To finished disc said bass guitarist Gene Simmons, the plate was the best since Destroyer 1976, a blend of rock and roll over 1976 and Love Gun of 1977. Indeed similar to the style of the albums from the 1970s and largely also from the 1980s.


The cover of Michael Doret has created. He had already created the 76er cover for Rock and Roll Over. Both covers have a similar appearance and look similar. Featuring Sonic Boom shows the logos of the band and the album name and the four faces in comic-like, brightly colored, orange -dominated colors. The portraits of the band members are processed and distorted, so that the differences between photography and drawing blur. The same applies to the cover interior sides and back. The CD itself has the words Sonic Boom, the two bonus discs, however, are designed simple.


Sonic Boom was released both as a conventional single - CD, as a special Edition-CD/DVD-Box, and in a limited edition LP.

In the Special Edition, the second CD of the box is a best-of compilation in August 2007, on the newly grossed old pieces by the current line in the Henson Recording Studio in Hollywood. Specifically, it is Deuce, Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, Hotter Than Hell, Calling Dr. Love, Love Gun, I Was Made for Lovin 'You, Heaven 's On Fire, Lick It Up I Love It Loud, Forever Christine Sixteen Do You Love Me, Black Diamond and rock and Roll All Nite. The songs are not substantially altered, however, they are modern, technically rounder and softer produced. Eric Singer interprets Black Diamond, which is traditionally sung by the drummer. The CD was released in Japan in 2008 as a single - CD under the name Jigoku - Retsuden.

The DVD consists of live recordings from a concert of Kiss Alive/35 World Tour in Buenos Aires in April 2009. Sure are the classic Deuce, Hotter Than Hell, C'mon And Love Me, Watchin ' You, 100,000 Years and Rock & Roll All Nite to see. The Special Edition box will be distributed in the U.S. exclusively through Walmart.

The LP version appeared in the colors purple, red, green, blue and black. From each color version 1,000 pieces were produced that were offered in a gatefold cover that in addition a color poster included. On the inner envelope, the texts of the songs contained on the album were printed. This version of the album was sold exclusively through the band's website.

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Chart success


The album was already clear in the first two weeks after its release in the top ten. In the U.S. and in Norway it reached number 2 and in countries such as Germany, Austria, Finland and Sweden, the top 10


Modern Day Delilah was the first pre-release coupling, which came into the Mainstream Rock charts the USA at number 15. The second single from the followed on 8 December 2009 Say Yeah.


  • Rocks wrote: " A true retro album like Kiss Sonic Boom would probably hardly anyone capable of. The strong single > Modern Day Delilah ' is still one of the weaker points of the plate. "
  • Rock Hard online said in September 2009: "The album may well build the bottom line of the best works of the unmasked occupations. "
  • said in September 2009: " The sound is surprisingly equally contemporary and dry, but has always unmistakably the typical KISS trademarks of the Seventy. [ ... ] Sonic Boom ' is - despite or because of the almost overwhelming expectation -. A really good and compelling album "
  • The media converter said in October 2009: "Does this album in the world? Yes and no - appear no song by Sonic Boom ' is on the thirtieth Best Of in 15 years, it just sticks out too little. Nevertheless, Sonic Boom ' entertain over long distances. "
  • Music Week said in October 2009: " On her 19th studio album the band to two original members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in impressive form presented. Kiss refrain in the eleven tracks on fashionable antics and focus entirely on by their fans so beloved classic hard rock sound. "
  • said in October 2009: " Sonic Boom is reflected from the first to the last note the freshness of the current band line resist, here is drauflos rocked with an energy and enthusiasm that extends to many young groups. Stylistic experiments are as nil as too pop arrangements, Kiss focus on bluesy hard rock that is finally topped again by those breezy sing-along choruses that once made ​​great the band. "
  • Whiskey - said in 2009: " Unbelievable, but true: One can find not a single weak point! The album captivates instead with an extremely eclectic mix of great songs, where KISS consistently play to their strengths in past decades. "
  • Metal Hammer drew Sonic boom in December 2009 as the best album of the year in the genre of "Hard Rock / Heavy Rock / Rock ' n' Roll".