Naples (Florida)

Collier County


Naples (English for Naples) is a city and also the county seat of Collier County in the U.S. state of Florida with 19 537 inhabitants ( 2010).

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Naples is located in southwest Florida on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and about 170 kilometers west of Miami.


The climate is subtropical and so warm all year round. Statistically, it rains in the summer months - even if only temporarily - on average 40 % of the days. Day temperatures between May to October 31 ° C. The coldest months from December to February bring average daytime temperatures of 24 ° C. In the summer, especially the high humidity leads to the perceived temperatures are well above the above 31 ° C.


Beginning of the 18th century lived in the area Indians from the tribe of the Creek and the Calusa. The Creek Indians attacked, supported by the English, in regular intervals, the Calusa Indians in the occupied part of Spain Florida. Middle of the 18th century were exterminated the Calusa. 1877 bought a native of Philadelphia Hamilton Disston a 300 km long stretch of coastline along the coast to the Gulf of Mexico from Florida State. The purchase price was 25 cents plot with 4000 sqm. These were then sold for $ 10 to immigrants and the settlement began. But there are few plots were sold and stagnated the growth of the city. 1886 bought a group of investors from Kentucky also land from the city in order for wealthy businessmen from the north here to create winter rentals and the first small upturn turned on. The situation improved considerably in 1922, as the millionaire Barron Gift Collier, after whom the county is named, also bought land and the highway " Tamiami Trail " (Tampa -Miami Trail ) built at his own expense through the Everglades and the city ​​could be reached in the normal way. 1926 Naples has been connected with its own railway station on the railway and the town slowly began to develop, but was still up to the 1950s actually a fishing village and winter residence. 1960 almost half of all buildings in Naples and the surrounding area has been destroyed by Hurricane Donna. Payments of insurance and rebuilding finally led to the hoped-for recovery. Naples has now developed into a small exclusive town.


According to the 2010 census, the then 19 537 inhabitants distributed to 17,753 households. The population density was 628.2 inh. / Km ². 93.3 % of the population were white, 4.2% African American, 0.1% Native American and 0.6 % Asian Americans. 0.7 % were members of other ethnic groups and 1.0% of different ethnicities. 4.5% of the population were Hispanic or Latino.

In 2010, children under the age of 18 and 61.9 % of all households lived in 10.7 % of all households with persons at least 65 years. 58.3 % of households were family households (consisting of married couples with or without offspring or a parent with offspring ). The average size of a household was 1.88 persons and the average family size is 2.39 people.

11.3% of the population were younger than 20 years, 8.0% were 20 to 39 years old, 21.8 % were 40-59 years old and 58.8 % were at least 60 years old. The median age was 64 years. 46.2 % of the population were male and 53.8 % female.

The average annual income was $ 77,158, while 7.4 % of the population lived below the poverty line.

In 2000, English was the mother tongue of 91.77 % of the population spoke Spanish 2.44% and 5.79% had a different mother tongue.


The medical technology company Arthrex, headquartered in Naples.


  • Avalon Elementary School
  • Big Cypress Elementary School
  • Corkscrew Elementary School
  • Community School of Naples (CSN)
  • Golden Gate Elementary School
  • Golden Terrace Elementary School
  • Lake Park Elementary School
  • Laurel Oak Elementary School
  • Lely Elementary School
  • Manatee Elementary School
  • East Naples Middle School
  • Golden Gate Middle School
  • Gulfview Middle School
  • Manatee Middle School
  • Barron Collier High School with over 1,800 students
  • Gulf Coast High School with over 2,200 students
  • Lely High School
  • Naples High School
  • Veterans Memorial Elementary School


  • Cleveland Clinic Florida Naples
  • Naples Community Hospital
  • NCH ​​Healthcare System
  • North Collier Hospital


The crime rate in 2010 was 133 points ( U.S. average: 266 points ) in the low range. There was a murder, a rape, eight robberies, 15 injuries, 88 burglaries, 533 thefts and nine car thefts.


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