Osijek-Baranja County

The Osijek - Baranja [ ɔsjɛk baraɲa ] (Croatian Osječko - baranjska županija, dt outdated Baranya for Baranja, Hungarian Eszek - Baranya ) is a county in the east of Croatia. It comprises the north-eastern part of Slavonia around the city of Osijek and the Croatian part of Baranja north of the Drava and peaceful landscape. It is bordered to the north by Hungary ( Baranya ) and on the east by the Serbian province of Vojvodina. It has an area of ​​4149 km ² and 305 032 inhabitants ( 2011 census ). Council is based in Osijek.


Composition of the population by nationality ( census of 2011):

Cities and Towns

The Osijek - Baranja is divided into 7 cities and 35 municipalities. These are listed below, each with the population at the time of the census of 2011.