Istria County

The County of Istria ( Istria kroat. županija, Italy. Regione istriana ) is a county [ ɡɛʃpa nʃaft ː ] in northwest Croatia. It includes the biggest part of the Istrian peninsula on the Adriatic. To the north it borders with Slovenia, on the east by the Primorje - Gorski Kotar. It has an area of ​​2813 km ² and 208 055 inhabitants ( 2011 census ).

Political Institutions

The official administrative center of the county and the seat of Gespanschaftsversammlung is Pazin. The seat of the Gespanschaftsregierung is Pula. Formal meetings of the Gespanschaftsversammlung take place in the building of the former Istrian country day in Poreč / Parenzo usually. As an official language and the Italian is used in the residential areas of the Italian minority in addition to Croatian.


Composition of the population of the County of Istria by nationality according to the census of 2011:

* There was no nationality specified ( in the officially defined sense ), but a regional affiliation ( Istrian ).

Cities and Towns

The Istria County is divided into 10 cities and 31 municipalities. These are listed below, each with the population at the time of the census of 2011. In parentheses are the Italian names also officially used.