Padise Parish

Padise ( German: Padis ) is a rural municipality in Harju County Estonia with an area of ​​366.6 km ². It has 1722 inhabitants ( 2010).

Padise is the westernmost municipality of the district, about 45 km away from Tallinn. In addition to the main town Padise to the municipality includes the villages Änglema, Alliklepa, Altküla, Audevälja, Harju - Risti, Hatu, Karilepa, Kasepere, Keibu, Kobru, Kurkse, Kõmmaste, Laane, Langa, Madise, Metslõugu, Määra, Pae, Pedase, Suurküla, Vihterpalu Vilivalla and Vintse.

Monastery Padise

The monastery was founded by Padise Cistercian monks from the monastery Daugavgrīva ( Dünamünde ) arrived at the mouth of the Daugava river in Estonia, in the 14th century. The monastery became one of the most important spiritual centers in Estonia. 1559 ended its activities in the turmoil of the Livonian War. It was a fortification secular ruler and was from 1766 part of the estate of Padise. An extensive restoration of the former monastery buildings was completed in 2001.

  • Monastery Padise
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