Rax-Schneeberg Group


The Rax -Schneeberg Group is a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps in the Styrian and Lower Austrian border.


The Rax -Schneeberg Group is delimited by the Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps by the following line to the neighboring groups:

  • To the north by Klostertaler Gscheid - Klausgraben - Mamauwiese - Sebastian Bach - Puchberg
  • In the north- east through the valley of Sierning to Ternitz
  • To the south by the line Ternitz - Schwarza at Gloggnitz - Schott Vienna - Semmering - Miirzzuschlag - Murz in chapels
  • On the west by the Altenbergtal -. Naßkamm - Naßbach - Schwarza - Voisbach to Klostertaler Gscheid


The highest point of Kalkstocks of the Schneeberg is the Klosterwappen with 2076 m above sea level. A., the adjacent double peak is named Emperor 's Stone ( 2061 m above sea level. A. ). The two summits are the highest mountains of the federal state of Lower Austria. The highest elevations of the two Rax massif are the Heukuppe to 2007 m and the height Scheib forest with 1943 m.

Other peaks are the Great washer ( 1,473 m ), the Trat mountain ( 1565 m), the Ochner height ( 1403 m), the Kampalpe (1535 m) and Cross Mountain ( 1084 m).


The Raxalpengebiet belongs together with the Schneealpe and the Schneeberg to the source protection area of ​​the First Vienna Mountain Spring Pipeline. Schneeberg and Rax are separated by the valleys and among the Viennese house mountains.

Schneeberg and Rax are the FFH Northeastern edge Alps: High wall -Schneeberg -Rax and the landscape protection area Rax -Schneeberg in Lower Austria as well as the conservation area Veitsch- Schneealpe - Rax and the Natural Park Mürzer Oberland in Styria.


The snow mountain is accessible by the 100- year-old snow mountain railway, a funicular, up to an altitude of 1,800 m, and its two peaks are accessible from the top station in one to two hours. The path leads east over the stallion or west through the thread walls.

Also from the spa Puchberg am Schneeberg there are climbs, as well as the wild hell valley in the south of the Rax. In addition, the snow mountain of Payerbach, Prigglitz Reichenau and is accessible via the Gahns.