Ybbstal Alps


Ybbstaler Alps are a mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps in the Eastern Alps. They lie on the border between Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Styria. The mountain range includes the eastern part of the Eisenwurzen and to the south the Göstlinger Alps and the Kräuterinstock. In the Alps, the ski resort Göstlinger Hochkar is ( 1,808 m) and in the karst plateau of Kräuterinstock with Kräuterin the highest mountain in the Alps Ybbstaler, the 1,919 meter high barn.


In the east the Alps Ybbstaler be limited by Erlauftal, to the south by Salzatal, to the west by the Upper Austrian (lower) Enns Valley.

After the Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps (AVE ), the group defines:


In the southern part of the Alps Ybbstaler consist mainly of carbonate rocks of the Triassic of the Eastern Alpine ceiling, north of it from flysch sandstone and marl of the Helvetic ceilings and the loess cover the Alpine Foreland.


In the Alps the Ybbstaler Ötscher - Tormäuer lie with the Oetscher stalactite cave, the northern part of the reserve Wildalpener Salzatal and the Natural Park Eisenwurzen. Near the 1,893 m high Oetscher the Ötscherhöhlen lie with the money hole.

  • Amstettner Hut ( OeAV)
  • Ötscherschutzhaus ( ÖTK )
  • Prochenberghütte ( OeAV)
  • Terzerhaus (Private)
  • Ybbstaler Hut ( OeAV)


The climate is rich in precipitation, more than 150 days per year precipitation falls only in the fall, there are plenty of sun and winters are snowy.

Adjacent areas

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  • Southwest: Ennstaler Alps
  • South: high Schwab
  • Southeast: Miirzsteg Alps
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