Song Khwae (district)

Amphoe Song Khwae ( Thai อำเภอ สอง แคว ) is a district ( Amphoe - administrative district ) in the northwestern province of Nan. The Nan Province is located in the northeast of the northern region of Thailand.


Neighboring districts are ( from east clockwise): Amphoe Thung Chang who, Chiang Klang, Tha Wang Pha Nan Province, Amphoe Pong and the Chiang Kham in Phayao province. In the north, the district borders the province Sayaburi of Laos.


Song Khwae was on 1 April 1992 initially as a sub-district ( King Amphoe ) was established by three tambon from Amphoe Chiang were separated sound. On October 11, 1997 Song Khwae was promoted to Amphoe.


  • National Parks: National Park Tham Sakoen ( Thai: อุทยานแห่งชาติ ถ้ำ สะ เกิน ) - mountainous terrain with an average height of 300-1752 meters, the highest peak is Doi Chi ( ยอด ดอย จี๋ ) with 1752 meters. There are a few impressive waterfalls in the park, such as the three -stage Huai -hat Waterfall ( น้ำตก ห้วย หาด ) or the six -stage Hongwiangchan Waterfall ( น้ำตก หง ษ์ เวียง จันทร์ ).


Amphoe Song Khwae consists of three sub-districts ( tambon), which further into 25 villages ( Muban ) are divided.

Yot ( Thai: เทศบาล ตำบล ยอด ) is a small town ( thesaban tambon) in the district, which consists of the entire Tambon Yot.

There are also two " Tambon Administrative Organizations" (TAO, องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล - administrative organizations) in the district.