The Dad Who Knew Too Little

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The father, who knew too little ( Original title: The Dad Who Knew Too Little) is the eighth episode of the 14th season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. In 2004 she won a Writers Guild of America Award.


Influenced by a commercial Lisa wants the " Turbo - diary " for her birthday. Her parents decide to fulfill this wish. Since Homer is distracted at the mall first, until it is sold out, it can make at a booth a personalized movie. Here are some likes and hobbies of the protagonists be obtained; in the resulting set of action names and faces from photos are included. At Lisa's birthday, she is devastated. Instead of a fashion diary she receives from her brother Bart a laser pointer and from their parents the film cheaply made ​​. In addition to the unwanted gift assign to it completely wrong interests and preferences in the film. She feels that her father does not know and does not know what it represents.

The guilt-ridden Homer himself try to learn more about Lisa, but as he moves very plump and she's offended, he fails. Finally, he instructed the detective Dexter Colt, so that he spied Lisa. After a few days he gives Homer a multi-page dossier, which uses Homer to come closer to Lisa. Lisa, who is unaware of the observation, is delighted and stirred. The two now do things together. Dexter Colt, however, calls for $ 1,000 as payment; Homer is shocked by the size of the bill and refuses to pay.

A few days later, Homer and Lisa see on the TV news a report about a burglary in a research laboratory in which experimental animals were freed. The police at the scene of a book review by Lisa found which protested her innocence against Homer, although it occurs strongly for animal rights. Shortly afterwards, the police will ring at the house of the Simpsons, Homer and Lisa take by car to escape. In a shelter Homer admits that he has recognized the detective on them to find out their preferences. This so also had access to their book review. Lisa is shocked, but since the police have found out their whereabouts, the two have to flee once more. In a forest, they encounter a circus in which they rediscover the animals from the research laboratory. Lisa believed that the detective the animals are not free, but has stolen and sold for financial gain. Dexter Colt now appeared also on. When Homer threatens to denounce him, he pursues him with his gun drawn. Just before he can shoot Homer in a hall of mirrors, Lisa listens with their father without some help knows about them. She bravely hidden Colt therefore the laser pointer. Colt is provided, Lisa and Homer are reconciled.



The German -speaking Original episode The Father, too little knew 14 February 2004 on ProSieben pursued average of about 1.31 million viewers. Thus, the value was relatively well above the season average of 1.01 million viewers.


At the awards ceremony for the Writers Guild of America Award in 2004, Matt Selman sat through this episode and won. Other nominees were J. Stewart Burns and Michael Price with The Simpsons episodes Moe Baby Blues and reunion after years, Tony Gama - Lobo and Rebecca May for the King of the Hill episode Reborn To Be Wild (English title ), Patric M. Verrone for the Futurama episode the stitch and Steven Banks for the two Jimmy Neutron episodes of secret agent James neutron, part 1, and secret Agent James neutron, part 2


In the American broadcast of the episode, the alleged e- mail address of Homer has been shown in a scene. Then wrote some thousand fans send emails to the address [email protected] and would in fact receive response from Homer. After broadcasting the result, the writer Matt Selman logged into your e- mail inbox and realized that it contained the maximum number of inboxes. He tried all the emails in Homer to answer name, but no sooner had he edited a large number appeared more emails.