Postcards from the Wedge

  • Homer Simpson: Norbert Gastell (German )
  • Marge Simpson: Anke Engelke (German )
  • Bart Simpson: Sandra Schwittau (German )
  • Lisa Simpson: Sabine Bohlmann (German )

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Grand Theft U -Bahn (English title: Postcards from the Wedge ) is the 14th episode of Season 21, and thus the 455th episode of The Simpsons. For this episode Charles Ragin won for his background design an Emmy Award in 2010 for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation. The German title is a play on the video game series Grand Theft Auto.


At school, Bart gets the movie Springfield of Tomorrow presented to see glimpses of the future development of its class. When Bart schoolwork did not present that Ms Krabappel wants to control shortly after, she decides to write a letter to Bart's parents. Bart, however, tries consequently vain to prevent by all means, that his parents get this to face.

Homer and Marge get through this letter insights into the many missing homework, but can not agree on the proper education of her son herself. For this reason, Bart goes to his sister, Lisa, to ask them for advice because he can not understand the discussion of his parents. As Lisa explained to him that people do not always agree and therefore be linked in discussions, Bart decides to play off his parents to get away without a penalty.

His plan is working for now, but remember Homer and Marge short time later, how much they have each other and end the feud. Bart, however, is with his friend Milhouse doing, his Principal Skinner to play a prank. On the run from the consequences Milhouse Bart shows the way to a subway. Together they cause a small earthquake in the city as they try to put the train in motion. At Barts disillusionment, however, he noted that his parents this time do not complain about him, whereupon he decides to destroy the school by train the next prank.

Homer ended Barts plan at the last minute and therefore saves the school from the destruction that is a short time later but destroyed by the accidental tipping of the flagpole. Bart receives its just deserts.