Trespass (Album)


Trespass (English for " trespassing " ) is the second studio album by British rock band Genesis. It was released in October 1970 and is the only album with John Mayhew on drums. After the debut, From Genesis to Revelation Trespass is considered the first progressive rock album by the band.


The drumming of Mayhew 's very powerful, varied, imaginative and precise, it adapts to the equally lyrical and dramatic and " earthy " atmosphere of the album. Peter Gabriel played - in addition to his original, character and expressive singing - even flute. The best known song on the album is true The Knife, which is a contrast to the rather acoustically held other titles of the album with its rough and Hammond organ -heavy instrumentation. The title was located until 1981 in the live repertoire of Genesis.

Title list

All tracks were written by Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and John Mayhew.


Album: (UK # 68) Album: (BE # 1)


  • Looking for Someone / Visions of Angels ( October 1970, just as a promotional single )
  • The Knife ( part.I ) / The Knife ( Part.II ) ( September 1971 )


  • Tony Banks: Organ, guitar, piano, Mellotron, vocals
  • Peter Gabriel: vocals, flute, percussion
  • John Mayhew: drums, vocals
  • Anthony Phillips: guitar, vocals
  • Mike Rutherford: bass, guitar, vocals