And Then There Were Three

Atlantic Records (U.S.)


... And Then There Were Three ... (german for: " ... and there were only three ... ") is the ninth studio album by British rock band Genesis from 1978, the title refers to. the fact that after the departure of Peter Gabriel in 1975 and Steve Hackett 1977, the band now had only three members: In addition to Phil Collins included only the founding members Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks the main cast, which has been supplemented by additional musicians only at concerts. ... And Then There Were Three ... was the first album in this threesome cast that proved to be the most enduring constellation of the band and consist remained until 1996. In addition, it was in this constellation of 2006 to 2008.

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Similar to the departure of Peter Gabriel no substitute was brought on board from the outside after the departure of Steve Hackett, but took over bass player Mike Rutherford from now on the part of the lead guitarist in the band.

The album was criticized by Genesis fans of the first hour and over again. Progressive and experimental moments were in favor of commercial rock music on in the background. Yet, the album marks an important point in the overall consideration of the band. About the commercial success of the album, the piece of Follow You Follow Me was a worldwide hit.

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Description of individual songs

  • Down and Out: This song was originally to carry the outlying title The Man with the Big Cigar.
  • Ballad of Big: Originally called the song Ballad of Big Jim. The text tells of the Great Jim Cooley, an anxious Cowboy of the West.
  • Deep in the Motherlode: The text tells a fictional story of a man who goes to 1859 during the Gold Rush in Nevada on a trip. His family pushes him to find as much gold as possible.
  • Scenes from a Night's Dream: The text tells the story of little Nemo, the protagonists of various comics of the American cartoonist and comic artist Winsor McCay (1871-1934), which were published in the early twentieth century.


The group played their first tour as a trio from March to November 1978. First time they got here among other things support the guitarist Daryl Stuermer, as the live musicians of Genesis and Phil Collins later became known henceforth as well.

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  • Album: ( U.S. # 14, UK # 3, D # 2)
  • Singles: " Follow You Follow Me" ( U.S. # 23, UK # 7, D # 8), " Many Too Many " (UK # 43)


According to a survey within the band is from their perspective this album, her debut, From Genesis to Revelation, the weakest of the band's history.