Three Sides Live


Three Sides Live (English for "Three Live " ) is the third live album by British rock band Genesis. It was released in June 1982.

  • 2.2.1 CD 1
  • 2.2.2 CD 2 ( UK Version)
  • 2.2.3 CD 2 ( U.S. Version)
  • 4.1 Genesis
  • 4.2 guest musicians


The album was released in two different versions. The U.S. version was a double LP, equipped of which only three sides with live recordings were (hence the title Three Sides Live). The fourth side of the LP contains previously unreleased songs that were created during the recording of Abacab and Duke. The British version of the album, however, contained on the fourth side of the LP recordings among others the 1977 Genesis tour. This is mainly to older pieces from the progressive rock phase of Genesis in the 1970s. In Germany, the USA version was first published by Vertigo. In England later, the EP was released 3 x 3, which contains three of the unreleased tracks the U.S. version of Three Sides Live. In Germany, the EP was reduced by a title successfully released as a single.

Three Sides Live reached number two in the UK album charts. In the U.S., the album could reach the tenth place. Under the same title shots of the American tour were released on VHS video and later as a laser disc. A DVD release was filed in 2009 in the Movie Box.

In 1994, the album in the Definitive Edition series has been re-mastered and the original British version now also sold in Germany.

Title list

Original versions

Side A

Side B

Page C

Page D ( British Version )

Page D (USA Version)

Newly released versions

CD 1

CD 2 ( UK Version)

CD 2 ( U.S. Version)

Video version


Album: ( U.S. # 10, UK # 2, D # 22)

Single: Paperlate ( U.S. # 32, D # 36)



  • Tony Banks - keyboards, vocals
  • Phil Collins - drums, percussion, vocals
  • Mike Rutherford - bass, guitar, vocals
  • Steve Hackett - guitar on It / Watcher of the Skies on the British version

Guest musicians

  • Bill Bruford - drums on It / Watcher of the Skies on the British version
  • Chester Thompson - drums, percussion


  • Producer: Genesis, David Hentschel
  • Engineering: Hugh Padgham, Craig Schertz
  • Mastering: Barry Diament
  • Photography: Martyn Goddard
  • Artwork: Bill Smith

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