Calling All Stations


Calling All Stations (English for " Calling all stations " ) is the 15th and so far last studio album by British rock band Genesis. After Phil Collins ' exit In 1996, Ray Wilson - former singer of the grunge band Stiltskin - the role of the singer and front man. Wilson's election symbolizes the will of the tape to remove the image as a pop band and a possible return in the direction of progressive rock. As a drummer Nick D' Virgilio and Nir Zidkyahu were involved in the album. The cover design was subject to the company Wherefore ART? .


The only remaining charter members of the band - Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford - wanted after Collins ' exit again more develop into a band -oriented albums and lodged with the production of the album hardly emphasis on radio-friendly hit singles. The music on the album is partly inspired by the progressive rock phase of Genesis in the 1970s.

The loss of sympathy carrier Phil Collins, the lack of hits and the cancellation of the planned U.S. tour due to lack of demand have meant that the album was a commercial failure for the band. This setback was presumably to the fact that Genesis is no longer produced another album.

In addition to the eleven included on the album songs eight more songs yet been included in the cast, seven of which were used as a B- side on the three singles (there are two instrumental pieces underneath), the eighth song titled Nowhere Else to Turn is far but not yet published.

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Title list

DVD Extras (2007 Release)

Description of individual songs

  • Calling All Stations: The written in E minor title song of the album was already written during the first writing session for the album. It is about a person who is stuck in a hopeless situation and the feelings and thoughts of the person described in the title of this view. The most rocking piece on Calling All Stations consists of 88 beats per minute.
  • Not About Us: Like the title Congo, Shipwrecked and There Must Be Some Other Way is the song of a battered love relationship between a man and woman who is now in question. The text of this song includes especially the loneliness of both parties in their situation. The piece has 79 beats per minute.
  • The Dividing Line: The 119 beats per minute equipped piece is the only one on the album, which is not terminated by a fade out. Originally the song was intended as a final title for the album. The socially critical lyrics of the song deals with non-uniform conditions of society and in this context is an appeal against the indifference of mankind.

Working title of each song

During the production of each of the published songs wore a very different titles, which are documented in this table:



  • 09/ 1997: Calling All Stations (UK # 2, D # 2, U.S. # 54)


  • 09/ 1997: Congo (UK # 29, D # 31)
  • 12/1997: Shipwrecked (UK # 54, D # 82)


  • Ray Wilson ( vocals)
  • Tony Banks (keyboards, vocals)
  • Mike Rutherford ( bass, guitar, vocals)
  • Nir and Nick D' Virgilio Zidkyahu (drums)