Vitry -sur -Orne ( German Wall Ingen ) is a commune located with 2951 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the department of Moselle in the Lorraine region, eleven kilometers southwest of Thionville.


For the first time in 1033 mentioned as Vitriacum, Vitry -sur -Orne was completely destroyed in the Thirty Years' War, and was appointed in 1659 to France.

At Vitry -sur -Orne of the district Beuvange -sous- Mont Juste heard ( Bevingen Just under mountain ), a small wine-producing village, which was first mentioned in 1124. By 1907 Clouange was also the district of Vitry -sur- Orne. Two other historic districts were Vallange and Huppigny that were not rebuilt during the Thirty Years' War, after the destruction and let one of which is only found remains. The name of Vallange rendered in German then to Vitry -sur- Orne.