1996–97 Slovak Extraliga season

The 1996/ 97 Extraliga was the fourth regular hosting of the top division of Slovakia. In the playoff finals HC Dukla Trenčín the sat against the TJ VSZ Kosice by 3-1 victories and won the second Slovakian league title in club history. The top four teams in the second-rate first league, the HKm Zvolen, HK VTJ Prešov, HK 36 Skalica and HC VTJ CET Michalovce then played along with the four teams which were the places seven to ten is in the Extraliga, the four teams from who were allowed to play in the following team in the Extraliga. Parallel played the six best teams in the Extraliga main round each other from the four playoff participants.


  • HC Banská Bystrica
  • HC Slovan Bratislava
  • HK Spartak Dubnica
  • TJ VSZ Kosice
  • MHk 32 Liptovsky Mikulas
  • MHC Martin
  • MHC Nitra
  • SKP Poprad PS
  • HK VTJ Ves
  • HC Dukla Trenčín

Main Round

Placement Round

Note: The teams were given bonus points based on their main round Placement: Trenčín ( 5), Košice ( 4), Bratislava ( 3), Poprad ( 2) Martin ( 1) and Liptovsky Mikulas ( 0)




Master of the 1996/97 season was the HC Dukla Trenčín, the 3-1 victories decided the best- of-five series against the TJ VSZ Kosice for himself, winning the second Slovakian league title in club history.

HC Dukla Trenčín of the champion team