2004–05 Slovak Extraliga season

The season 2004 /05 the ST Extra league was the twelfth regular hosting of the top division of Slovakia. In the playoff finals, the HC Slovan Bratislava sat 4-3 against the HKm Zvolen and won the fifth Slovakian league title in club history. Last year's Movers HK Spartak Dubnica however, reached in the regular season, only the last place, so he had to take part in the relegation against a representative of the first league. There Dubnica met the HC Topolčany who was defeated 4-2.

  • 2.1 final
  • 2.2 champion team of HC Slovan Bratislava
  • 4.1 Zlatý puk
  • 4.2 All- Star team

Main Round

The season 2004/ 05 of the Slovak Extraliga was dominated by the return of many NHL stars. Due to the lockout, many players signed contracts with their Heimtaklubs in Europe. However, the Slovak associations had the problem that they could not compete financially with clubs from Sweden, Germany and the Czech Republic, so some Slovakian player only briefly returned to Slovakia and then to sign lucrative contracts abroad during the season.

NHL players in Slovakia

  • HC Dukla Trenčín: Marián Gáborík, Pavol Demitra and Marian Hossa
  • HKm Zvolen: Richard Zedník, Michal Handzuš and Vladimir Országh
  • HC Slovan Bratislava: Miroslav Šatan, Lubomir Višňovský, briefly Brad Isbister and Richard Matvichuk
  • HC Kosice: Martin Cibak, Jiří Bicek, Ladislav Nagy
  • HK SKP Poprad: Peter Bondra
  • HK 36 Skalica: Žigmund Palffy



The play-offs were played in the " Best of Seven" mode.


The HC Slovan Bratislava beat the HKm Zvolen in the final series 4-3 and became champion Slovakian 2005.

Champion team of HC Slovan Bratislava


In the relegation of the main round last met the HC Topolčany. The master of the first league, the second team of HKm Zvolen, was not allowed to participate in the relegation, so that took part with the HC Topolčany the runner-up of the 1st League in the relegation. In the best- of-seven series sat down at the end of extra league team from Dubnica with four wins through and remained so in the top division. However, the club sold his license after the season to the MHC Martin and thus increased voluntarily to the amateur game class.

  • HK Spartak Dubnica - HC Topolčany 4:2


  • Top scorer: Pavol Demitra (HC Dukla Trencin ) 82 points scorer ( 28 goals and 54 assists)
  • Best scorer: Pavol Demitra with 28 goals
  • Best Goalkeeper: Libor Barta (HC Slovan ): 1.97 GAA; 92.4 % catch rate

Zlatý puk

The Golden Puck is awarded annually to the best Slovak players worldwide.

  • Player of the Year: Pavol Demitra (HC Dukla Trenčín )
  • Goalkeeper of the Year: Ján Lašák (HC Pardubice)
  • Best Forward: Marián Hossa (HC Dukla Trenčín / Mora IK )
  • Favored player ( fan voting ): Michal Handzuš ( HKm Zvolen )
  • Coach of the Year: Miloš Říha (HC Slovan Bratislava)
  • Rookie of the Year: Peter Ölvecký (HC Dukla Trencin )

All- Star team