2005–06 Slovak Extraliga season

The season 2005/ 06 the Slovnaft Extraliga was the 13th regular hosting of the top division of Slovakia. In the playoff finals, the MsHK Žilina sat against the HC SKP Poprad by 4-3 and won the first Slovak championship in club history. The MHC Martin had to compete for the league against the HC Topoľčany based on the last place in the main round in the relegation. In this, the MHC Martin prevailed with a 4-0 sweep and was allowed to stay in the Extraliga. The HC Topoľčany was given the opportunity to take part in the relegation for promotion because of his second place in the main round of the first League after second-division champion HC 05 Banská Bystrica had withdrawn his candidature.





Master of the 2005/06 season was the MsHK Žilina, who won their first championship in club history with a 4-3 victory in the best- of-seven series against the HK Poprad. Outstanding players in rows of MsHK were Gabriel Špilár, Václav Král and Michal Hreus.

Champion team of MsHK Žilina

All- Star team


In the relegation to the MHC Martin sat with 4-0 victories against by the HC Topolčany and remained so in the Extraliga.

  • MHC Martin - HC Topolčany 4-0