1993–94 Slovak Extraliga season

The season 1993/94 the Extraliga was the first regular hosting of the top division of Slovakia. In the playoff finals HC Dukla Trenčín the sat against the TJ VSZ Kosice by 3-2 victories and won the first Slovak championship in club history. The last place the main round, the HKm Zvolen was replaced for the following season by the second division champions HK Spartak Dubnica.


  • HC Slovan Bratislava
  • TJ VSZ Kosice
  • MHk 32 Liptovsky Mikulas
  • MHC Martin
  • AC Nitra
  • SKP Poprad PS
  • HK Ves
  • HC Dukla Trenčín
  • HK VTJ Prešov
  • HKm Zvolen




Master of the 1993/94 season was the HC Dukla Trenčín, the 3-2 victories decided the best- of-five series against the TJ VSZ Kosice for himself and won the first Slovak title.

HC Dukla Trenčín of the champion team

Top scorer (total)