2001–02 Slovak Extraliga season

The season 2001 /02 Extraliga was the ninth regular hosting of the top division of Slovakia. In the playoff finals, the HC Slovan Bratislava sat against the HKm Zvolen by 4-2 victories and won the third Slovakian league title in club history. The MHC Nitra had to participate in the main round of the relegation and ultimately relegated to the second-class first league due to the last place. The team was replaced by the second division champions HK Ves ​​.


  • HC Slovan Bratislava
  • HC Košice
  • MHk 32 Liptovsky Mikulas
  • MHC Martin
  • MHC Nitra
  • HK SKP Poprad Aqua City
  • HK 36 Skalica
  • HC Dukla Trenčín
  • HKm Zvolen
  • MsHK Žilina




Master of the 2001/02 season was the HC Slovan Bratislava, who decided the best- of-seven series against the HKm Zvolen 4-2 victories for himself and won the third Slovakian league title in club history.

Champion team of HC Slovan Bratislava

All- Star team


In the relegation between Extraliga and 1 League last -placed club in the Extraliga, the MHC Nitra met, the master of the first league, the HK Ves ​​. In this case, the latter prevailed 4-2 victories and rose to the Extraliga, while the crew of the MHC Nitra relegation to the second division.

  • MHC Nitra - HK Ves ​​2:4