2010–11 Slovak Extraliga season

The season 2010/11 is the 18th regular hosting of the highest Slovak Hockey League, the Slovnaft Extraliga. Acting Master is the HC Košice, HK SKP Poprad of the defeated 4-1 victory in the best- of-seven series in the playoff finals. Thus, the club made ​​the third title in a row and is also the first Extraliga participants to have managed. In addition, the U18 and U20 Juniors of HC Košice won the Junior - Most respective titles.

Since the MsHK Žilina in the relegation prevailed against the champions of League 1, the SHK 37 Piestany, 4-0 victories, there was no climber.

  • 3.1 tournament schedule
  • 3.2 champion team of HC Košice


Compared to the previous season, the league was reduced from 13 to eleven teams, the Slovak U-20 national team plays again as HK Orange 20 except standings.

Regular Season

The first round was clearly dominated by the HC Košice. This showed both offensively and defensively, outstanding performance, so that it achieves end of the season both the most goals (217) and the fewest hits ( 102) and had received a positive goal difference of 115 exhibited. In addition, Košice lost only nine of his 57 games and had at the end of the preliminary round a lead of 26 points in second place.


Best Scorer

( Key to Career statistics: Sp or GP = Games Played, T or G = goals scored, V or A = achieved assists; Pts or Pts = scored points scorer, SM or PIM = received penalty minutes, / - = Plus / Minus balance sheet; PP = scored majority gates; SH = scored shorthanded goals, GW = achieved victory gates; Play-downs/Relegation 1 )

Goalkeeper statistics

( Key to the goalkeeper stats: GP or Sp = Total Games; W or W = Wins, L = Losses, or N, T or D = Draw or shootout defeat, min = minutes; SOG or ZAT = Shots on goal, GA or GT = Goals against; SO = shutouts, GAA or GTS = Gegentorschnitt; Sv % or SVS % = quota, EN = Empty Net Goal; Play-downs/Relegation 1 )


Tournament schedule

Master of the season 2010/11 as in the two years before the HC Košice, the 4-1 victory prevailed against HK SKP Poprad and the won the overall title of the eighth Slovak club's history.

Champion team of HC Košice


In the League Extraliga and relegation between League 1 hit like last year, the penultimate MsHK Žilina to the master of the first league, the SHK 37 Piestany. Here, the former prevailed over the team from Piešťany, reaching the league in the Extraliga, while Piešťany remained second-rate.

  • MsHK Žilina - SHK 37 Piestany 4:0 ( 4:2, 4:2, 3:1, 3:1)