2010 Copa Sudamericana

The Copa Sudamericana in 2010 was the ninth playout of the second most important South American football competition for club teams, which has acted under the name " Copa Nissan Sudamericana " due to the last-time sponsorship of the car manufacturer Nissan. This season took 39 teams from 10 member associations of CONMEBOL, including defending champions Liga de Quito, in part because the number of participants per country was increased to three ( except for Argentina and Brazil) of two. Teams from the area of ​​CONCACAF were as in the previous year not at the start. The competition was played as usual in the second half. He began on August 3, 2010 with the first round and ended on 8 December 2010 with the final second leg in Avellaneda.


Due to the increased number of participants, there were before the knockout stages again two rounds. The competition was as usual from the first round held until the finale in pure knockout system with return game. With point- and Torgleichheit the away goals rule. If the number of away goals scored equal, follows after the return game immediately followed by a penalty shootout. In the final, the away goals rule does not apply. Is there to return game, the goal difference is equal, there is an extension, and only then, if necessary, a penalty shootout. Participants from Argentina and Brazil began only in the second round, defending champions Liga de Quito in the second round only.

First round

Participants were each two teams from eight countries of South America (except Argentina and Brazil). The first legs took place between 3 and 24 August, the return matches between 10 August and 2 September 2010.

2nd round

For the second round, qualified the eight winners of the first round, each a third club from the eight countries in the first round and six teams from Argentina and eight teams from Brazil, where the clubs from those two countries competed separately against each other. The first legs took place between August 4 and 16 September, the return matches between 12 August and 23 September 2010.

Second round

For the second round, the 15 winners of the 2nd round and defending champion Liga de Quito qualified. The first legs took place between 28 September and 14 October, the return matches between the 12 and 21 October 2010.


The first legs were on 27 October and 2 / 3 November and the return legs take place on 10 and 11 November 2010.


The first legs were held on 24 and 25 November, 2010 on November 17 and 18, the return games.


First leg


Top scorers

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