Beiersdorf - Freudenberg is a municipality in the district or Mark- land in Brandenburg and part of the Office Falkenberg height.

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Community structure

The former municipalities of Beiersdorf and Freudenberg each form a district.


The municipality was created on 31 December 2001, from the voluntary merger of the previously independent municipalities Beiersdorf and Freudenberg.

At Freudenberg, was until 1990 the headquarters of the so-called service Blumberg with a panel of three connected by corridors bunkers bunker.


Parish council

The municipal council consists of seven members:

  • Single applicants: 5 seats
  • CDU: 1 seat
  • Group of voters trailer Culture and Folk Society Freudenberg: 1 seat

(As at municipal election held on September 28, 2008 )


In the list of monuments in Beiersdorf -Freudenberg are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg monuments.

  • Manor house at Beiersdorf