Bleyen - Genschmar is one of the Official Golzow belonging municipality in the district or Mark- land in Brandenburg ( Germany ).

Geographical Location

The municipality is located in the eastern or break here at the border between Germany and Poland, forming Or.

Community structure

The district Bleyen consists of the inhabited parts of the municipality Altbleyen, Neubleyen, Drewitz expansion and Schaumburg. Genschmar consists of the inhabited parts of the municipality Genschmar, Genschmarer Loose, Henriettenhof, niches and Wilhelminenhof. On 1 January 2005 the municipality had 576 inhabitants, of whom 235 and 341 in Bleyen in Genschmar.


The district Genschmar belonged until 1952 to the district Lebus, the district Bleyen contrast to 1945, the district Königsberg Nm. mainly in the east of the Oder located Neumark.


The municipality was created in its current expansion on December 31, 2001, from the voluntary merger of the previously independent municipalities Bleyen and Genschmar, founded in 1405.


Municipal council

The municipal council of Bleyen - Genschmar consists of eight community representatives, including the mayor.

(As at municipal election held on September 28, 2008 )