Vier Linden is a municipality in the district of Mark- or country in Brandenburg and is part of the administrative official Community Seelow country.

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Vier Linden is located 60 km east of Berlin, northwest of the municipality extends with its lakes and forests of the Nature Park märkische Switzerland, east and south lay the Seelow Heights and the Oder. To the districts Diedersdorf, New temple and What are some lakes. The Wermellinsee and Weinbergssee are popular destinations.

Community structure

For the community Vierlinden 7 districts are reported.

  • Diedersdorf with the inhabited parts of the municipality Diedersdorf and forest settlement,
  • New temples with the inhabited parts of the municipality Neuentempel and Hedwigshof, consists of 15 houses. Located near the village are the Great and Little Raaksee - both of which are used for bathing. In Hedwighof 15 people have their permanent residence. Continue to reside in the place some weekenders. The first written record dates from 1889. The name is derived from the name of a family of the owner.


The municipality was created on 26 October 2003, the voluntary merger of the previously independent municipalities Diedersdorf, Friedersdorf, Marxdorf and What.


Municipal council

The municipal council consists of 12 community representatives.

  • Citizens list Marxdorf 1 seat
  • WG Diedersdorf 2 seats
  • WG Friedersdorf 1 seat
  • Individual candidate 3 seats
  • WG Old Rosenthal 1 seat
  • WG Neuentempel 1 seat
  • What WG 2 seats
  • CDU 1 seat

(As at municipal election on 28 September 2008)

Coat of arms

The municipality does not lead coat of arms still flag.

Culture and sights

In the list of monuments in Vierlinden are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg monuments.

Economy and infrastructure


Directly by the municipality runs the main road 1 from Berlin to Kuestrin.


In Old Rosenthal Vorwerk the writer Ulrich Plenzdorf (1934-2007) lived up to his death during part of the year a country house. Similarly lives whose long-time friend, a native of Thuringia writer Martin Stade in Old Rosenthal. Even the writer Klaus Schlesinger (1937-2001) was there with his then wife Bettina Wegner a house.