Belgium Davis Cup team

The Belgian Davis Cup team is the national team of Belgium Tennis, which represents the country in the Davis Cup. It is organized by the Royal Belgian Tennis Federation. The Davis Cup is the most important competition for national teams in men's tennis, similar to the Fed Cup for the women.


Belgium takes part in the Davis Cup since 1904 and has already reached the finals for the first participation. However, the team of choice of the United Kingdom was defeated 5-0. The most successful player in history is Jacques Brichant, who played a total of 120 matches and won 71 of them.

For renewed attention the team made ​​in the seasons 1953 and 1957, when Jacques Philippe Washer Brichant and nearly led the Belgians to victory in the Europe zone alone. This suggested the two 1953 Hungary, Great Britain, Italy and Denmark. It was followed by the qualifying matches between the winners of the continental zones in the first round of the Indian team beat Belgium 5-0. In the finals of the playoffs Brichant and Washer met the favored Americans, against which they lost 1:4. In the season of 1957 repeated Brichant and Washer success. In the first game they defeated Hungary again and it was the only game in the season, in which Belgium with Gino Mezzi another player began. This was followed by victories against Mexico and the United Kingdom, as well as a win over Italy in the final of the Europe zone. In the playoffs, Belgium received a bye this time and met in subsequent finals again on the Americans. Brichant and washers each lost their first single, before they won the double in his second single and Washer leveled the American leadership. Brichant had no chance despite a tight first set against Vic Seixas in the end, he lost the game 8:10, 0:6, 1:6, and thus Belgium the game with 2:3.

Current squad

The following players have played in the Davis Cup 2012 for your country:


The results of the finals are given from a Belgian perspective.