Cheltenham [ tʃɛltnəm ] (or Cheltenham Spa) is a seaside resort (hence Spa) and Borough in Gloucestershire, England, near Gloucester and Cirencester. The motto of the city is: Salubritas et Eruditio - health and education. Cheltenham is also the seat of the Government Communications Headquarters ( GCHQ ).

The city is situated on the edge of the Cotswolds and enjoys a reputation as a distinguished and wealthy city. Since the discovery of strong mineral springs in 1716, the city is a seaside resort of national importance, although no bottling of the water is more.

Of national importance, the city by the lying in its vicinity Cheltenham College, one of the most prestigious schools in the country, both the boarding school ( boarding school ) as well as day school is. Since its inception in 1841 it has developed into one of the largest such facilities in England. The education is oriented to holistic- humanistic, Christian ideals.

Moreover, Cheltenham, together with the neighboring Gloucester office of the University of Gloucestershire.

From an international perspective Cheltenham enjoys fame through the Horse Race. The Cheltenham Racecourse on the outskirts in the suburb of Prestbury is the center of British show jumping. The course can be used from November to April. The highlight is the Cheltenham Gold Cup, which takes place in mid-March during the Cheltenham Festival. As this takes place at the same time for St. Patrick 's Day, many Irish tourists find with an interest in horses and betting sport in the city. From an Irish perspective Cheltenham is also a synonym for the triple success of her champion horse Arkle (1964-1966) about the English competitors Mill House, which was also immortalized in a monument.

Consist twinning

  • With the French town of Annecy,
  • With Bad Kreuznach, Germany,
  • Cheltenham with ( PA ) in the United States,
  • With Göttingen, Germany,
  • With Sochi in Russia and
  • With Weihai, China.

Special relationships are maintained even

  • With Stampersgat, the Netherlands and
  • With Kisumu in Kenya


  • Michael Burston, English guitarist
  • Paul Casey, English golfer professional
  • Claude Reignier Conder, English Palestine researchers
  • Eddie Edwards, the British ski jumper
  • Mick Farren, British journalist, author and singer
  • Robert Hardy, actor
  • Arthur Harris, during the Second World War, Supreme Commander of RAF Bomber Command and Air Marshal of the Royal Air Force
  • Gustav Holst, British composer
  • Edward Inglefield, British admiral and Arctic explorer
  • Brian Jones, British musician ( The Rolling Stones)
  • Jack Lisowski, British snooker player
  • Richard Loncraine, director of British
  • Richard O'Brien, English actor, writer and composer
  • Raymond Priestley, geologist and polar explorer
  • Ralph Richardson, British actor
  • Edward Adrian Wilson, physician and polar explorer