Chiquitos Province

-18- 60Koordinaten: 18 ° 0 ' S, 60 ° 0' W

Chiquitos is a province in the central part of the Department of Santa Cruz in the lowlands of the South American Andean Republic of Bolivia. They, together with the province of José Miguel de Velasco Province Ñuflo de Chávez, the province Ángel Sandoval, the province of Germán Busch Province Guarayos the so-called Gran Chiquitanía. The provincial capital is San José de Chiquitos.


The province is one of fifteen provinces in the department of Santa Cruz. It is bounded on the northwest by the province Ñuflo de Chávez, on the west by the province of Andrés Ibáñez, on the south by the province of Cordillera, to the southeast by the provincial Germán Busch, on the east by the province Ángel Sandoval, and on the north by the province of José Miguel de Velasco.

It extends between 17 ° 00 'and 18 ° 37' south latitude and 58 ° 54 'and 62 ° 45 ' west longitude, their east- west distance is about 500 km, their north - south extension of up to 220 kilometers.


The population of the province of Chiquitos has risen in the past two decades to nearly double:


The Chiquitos Province is divided into the following three counties ( bolivian: municipios ):

  • Municipio Pailón - 48 313 inhabitants (Update 2010)
  • Municipio Roboré - 12,654 inhabitants
  • The municipality of San José de Chiquitos - 15,855 inhabitants