Sara Province

17- 63.583333333333Koordinaten: 17 ° 0 ' S, 63 ° 35 ' ​​W

Sara is a province in the northwestern part of the Department of Santa Cruz in the lowlands of the South American Andean Republic of Bolivia.

The province was established on September 25, 1883 and is named after the river "Sara" (Silent Water ) named who got his name from the originally resident Chane population. Today, the "Sara" is called " Guapay " which was given to him by the people of Chiriguanos, or " Rio Grande ", which comes from the Spanish colonists.


The province is one of fifteen provinces in the department of Santa Cruz. It is bordered to the west by the province Ichilo, to the south by the province of Andrés Ibáñez, on the southeast by the province Ignacio Warnes, and in the north- east by the province Obispo Santistevan.

It extends between 16 ° 20 'and 17 ° 40' south latitude and 63 ° 11 'and 64 ° 05 ' west longitude, its length from northwest to southeast is 210 km, its width is up to 50 kilometers. The boundary of the province to the two neighboring provinces in the east and north-east forms the Rio Pirai. It has a size of 6886 square kilometers.


The population of the province Sara has risen in the past two decades by nearly half:

44.6 Province of the population are younger than 15 years. 97.6 Province of the population speak Spanish, 11.1 province Quechua, Guaraní and 0.5 1.4 Province Province Aymara.

43.9 Province of the population have no access to electricity, 45.5 province have no sanitary facilities (1992).

90.4 Province of the population are Catholics, 7.4 province are Protestants (1992).


The Sara province is divided into the following three counties ( bolivian: municipios ):

  • Municipio Portachuelo - 16,372 inhabitants
  • Municipality of Santa Rosa del Sara - 21,564 inhabitants
  • Municipio Colpa Bélgica - 6,259 inhabitants