Florida Province

- 18.133333333333 - 63.883333333333Koordinaten: 18 ° 8 ' S, 63 ° 53 ' W

Florida is a province in the western part of the department of Santa Cruz in the lowlands of the South American Andean Republic of Bolivia.


The province is bordered on the north by the province Ichilo, in the northwest of the province of Manuel María Caballero, on the southwest by the province of Valle Grande, in the southeast of the province of Cordillera, and on the east by the province of Andrés Ibáñez.


The population of the province of Florida has risen in the past two decades by nearly half:

The provincial capital is the city of Samaipata, the percentage of urban population in the province was in 1992 at 25.5 percent. 41.1 percent of the population are younger than 15 years ( 1992).

98.9 percent of the population speak Spanish, 10.9 percent Quechua, Aymara 1.0 percent, and 0.1 percent Guaraní (1992).

60.7 percent of the working population is employed in agriculture, 0.2 percent in mining, 5.1 percent in industry, 34.0 percent in services ( 2001).

90.1 percent of the population are Catholics, 8.2 percent are Protestant (1992).

65.6 percent of the population have no access to electricity, 68.3 percent have no sanitary facilities (1992).


The province is divided into the following four counties ( bolivian: municipios ):

  • Mairana municipality in the northern part of the province
  • Pampa Grande Municipio in the western part of the province
  • Quirusillas municipality in the southwestern part of the province
  • Municipality of Samaipata in the eastern part of the province