Cordillera Province (Bolivia)

- 19.216666666667 - 61.25Koordinaten: 19 ° 13 ' S, 61 ° 15 ' W

Cordillera is a province in the southern part of the Bolivian department of Santa Cruz.


The province is one of fifteen provinces in the department of Santa Cruz. It is bounded on the northwest by the Andrés Ibáñez province and the province of Florida, on the west by the province of Valle Grande, to the south by the department of Chuquisaca, in the southeast to the Republic of Paraguay, on the east by the province of Germán Busch, and to the north by the province of Chiquitos.

It extends between 18 ° 00 'and 20 ° 27' south latitude and 58 ° 47 ' and 63 ° 47 ' west longitude, their east- west extent is about 600 kilometers, with its north-south extent of up to 350 kilometers.


The population of the province of Cordillera has risen in the past two decades by more than a third:

The Cordillera province is part of the settlement area of ​​the Chiriguano, an indigenous people, which are closely related to the Guarani.


The Cordillera Province is divided into the following seven counties ( bolivian: municipios ):

  • Municipio Charagua ( 73,772 km ²) 27,475 inhabitants (Update 2010) in the eastern and largest surface area of the province
  • In the western part of the province

Hymn of the Province

Text: Prof. Fanor Montero Claure - Music: Prof. Néstor Chávez García