Crivitz (Amt)

The Office Crivitz is an office in the district Ludwigslust - Parchim in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In addition to its administrative office in Crivitz citizen offices are maintained in Banzkow and Leezen.

To the west of Lake Schwerin and the district-free city Schwerin adjoin.

The municipalities with its districts

  • Banzkow with Goldenstädt, Jamel and Mirow
  • Barnin with yard Barnin
  • Bülow with Prestin and Runow
  • Cambs with Ahrensboek, Brahlstorf, Karnin, Kleefeld Kleefeld and settlement
  • City Crivitz with Augustenhof, Badegow, Basthorst, Gädebehn, Immenhof, Kladow, Krudopp, Militzhof, Muchelwitz, Radepohl, Rönkendorfer mill and WESSIN
  • Demes with Buerbeck, Klaushof, Kobande and Venzkow
  • Dobin am See Alt Schlagsdorf, Buchholz, Flessenow, Liessow, Rautenhof, New Schlagsdorf, Retgendorf and Rubow
  • Friedrich rest with Mrs. Mark Frier ego calm village, Friedrich calm courtyard, Goldenbow, New Ruth Beck and Ruth Beck
  • Gneven with Vorbeck
  • Langen with Kritzow
  • Leezen with Görslow, Görslow settlement, Panstorf, ramp and Zittow
  • Trammplatz with Bahlenhüschen, Göhren and Settin
  • Plate with Consrade and Peckatel
  • Pinnow with Godern, New Godern and Peter Berg
  • Raben Steinfeld
  • Sukow with Zietlitz
  • Zapel with yard Zapel


The Office was established 1 January 2014 from the merger of the offices Banzkow, Crivitz and eastern shores of Lake Schwerin. Crivitz is the new administrative center, Leezen and Banzkow ( the former administrative seats of the east bank of Lake Schwerin offices and Banzkow ) are seats of public offices.


Fire protection

For the communities Banzkow, Plate and Sukow there are five volunteer fire departments that ensure that aid in fires within the communities.