Czech 2. Liga

The Fotbalová Narodní league ( FNL ), also Druhá Fotbalová league, 2 Fotbalová league, or shortly Druhá league and 2nd league is the second highest league in Czech football. To attend a professional license is required.

The second Czech football league will be held unchanged for the 1993/94 season in the same mode from the Czech Football Association CMFs. It take part 16 teams, everyone plays against everyone once at home and once away. In Hinrunden 15 and 15 back round match days so a total of 240 matches will be played. Champion is the team with the most points, there is one point for a win and three for a draw.

The season usually lasts from early August to mid-June of the following year with a winter break from mid-November to mid-March.

In addition to the master table and the second advance to the highest league, the Gambrinus Liga. Relegated to the third division double track, the two last placed, teams from Bohemia be divided into the CFL, teams from Moravia and Moravian-Silesian Region in the MSFL.

From 2006 to 2009 it was possible to freely acquire or dispose of the professional license. Prior to the 2006/07 season made ​​it SC Xaverov Horni Počernice, SK Slavia Hanácká Kroměříž and the FK AS Pardubice use who sold their licenses to Bohemians 1905 Prague, FK Banik Sokolov and SFC Opava. Prior to the 2007/ 08 season Jakubčovice Fotbal sold its license to FK Dukla Prague. Before the 2008 /09 climbers from the MSFL, SK Sigma Olomouc B sold his license to the MFK Karviná.

During the winter break 2012/2013 the league in Fotbalová Narodní league ( FNL ) has been renamed.

Teams in the 2012/13 season

  • FK Viktoria Zizkov ( relegated from the Gambrinus League 2011/12 )
  • Bohemians 1905 Prague ( relegated from the Gambrinus League 2011/12 )
  • FC Tescoma Zlín
  • FC Graffin Vlašim
  • MFK Karviná
  • FK Banik Sokolov
  • FK Banik Most
  • FK Ústí nad Labem
  • FC Zenit Čáslav
  • FK MAS Táborsko
  • 1 SC Znojmo
  • SK Slovan Varnsdorf
  • SFC Opava
  • FK Bohemians Prague
  • FK Pardubice ( promoted from the CFL)
  • HFK Olomouc ( promoted from the MSFL )

Master and Movers

1Note: FC Zenit Čáslav sold its Erstligalizenz to the first FC Slovácka that rose in his place in the Gambrinus Liga.

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