Dieter Braun

Dieter Braun ( born February 2, 1943 in Ulm), by profession a merchant, is a former German motorcycle racer.


The motor racing career began as an assistant Dieter Braun and soon. Than drivers on a Maico motocross After becoming a regional junior champion, he built in 1965 to cross- machine and successfully participated in a road race. In 1967, he won ahead of Karl Hoppe of the German Championship in the class up to 350 cc. He repeated this success in 1968 on a 125 cc MZ.

In his career he won 14 Grands Prix and was founded in 1970 on Suzuki in the 125 cc class and 1973 Yamaha in the 250 cc class motorcycle world champion.

Dieter Braun was the Grand Prize of the GDR at the Sachsenring in 1971 in history. The East German audience cheered his victory and began at the awards ceremony the third verse of the Germans (West ) German National Anthem sing along. In response, the East German government made ​​the event in the following years to an invitation race in which almost only allowed to go driver from socialist countries at the start. In 1972, the Grand Prix of the GDR took place once again, from 1973, he disappeared from the WRC calendar. The official reason for this was lack of security measures and increased costs.

Dieter Braun had his career after a serious accident in the 350cc race at the Grand Prix of Austria 1977 34 - round exit at the Salzburg Ring. He rushed after the track after a collision between Franco Uncini and Johnny Cecotto was full of debris, and retired while a serious eye injury.