Eugenio Lazzarini

Eugenio Lazzarini ( born March 25, 1945 in Urbino ( PU) ) is a former Italian motorcycle racer.

He is one of the most successful drivers in the 1970s and won in his career three world championship titles in the Motorcycle World Championship.

2003, the title Commendatore al Merito della Repubblica Italiana dell'Ordine was awarded Eugenio Lazzarini by the then President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.


Eugenio Lazzarinis career in the Motorcycle World Championship started in the 1969 season, he participated in two 50 - cc Grand Prix in part on Benelli and a 250 cc race at Morbidelli. In the following years he drove a few races, mostly in the 125cc class.

1973 Lazzarini denied his first full season in the 125cc class. In the Dutch TT at Assen he celebrated on Maico his first Grand Prix victory. In the overall standings with 59 points, he reached fifth place. The following year, the Italian started again only two 125cc races.

In the 1975 season Eugenio Lazzarini occurred in both the 50 - cm ³ - as well as in the 125 cc class on Piovaticci and celebrated with a win and six podiums World Cup second place in the 50's; in the quarter-liter class, he finished fifth.

In the following years Lazzarini launched, with the exception of the 1981 season, both in the 50s and in the 125cc class. In the 1978 season he was 125cc World Champion in MBA, in 1979 and 1980 season, he won the title in the 50 cc class Kreidler Kreidler Van Veen or.

As of the 1982 Lazzarini went to for Garelli and drove up to end of his career in 1984, four other Vice World Championships a.

With 81 finishes among the first three in 132 Grand Prix managed Lazzarini, in more than 60 % of the races in which he took part to finish on the podium.



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