General Belgrano Department, Chaco

The Department of General Belgrano is located in the western center of Chaco Province in northwestern Argentina and is one of 25 administrative units in the province.

It is bordered to the north by the department of Almirante Brown, on the east by the departments Independencia and O'Higgins and the south and west by the department of Nueve de Julio.

The capital of the department of General Belgrano is Corzuela. It is located 255 km from the provincial capital Resistencia and about 1,250 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

Cities and Towns

The Department of General Belgrano consists of a local authority ( municipality ):

  • Corzuela


The department was named in honor of General Manuel Belgrano ( born June 3, 1770 † June 20, 1820 ), an Argentine lawyer, politician and military leader. The department was created by presidential decree on 30 April 1917.

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