Gettnau is a municipality in the constituency Willisau the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland.


The place is located a few kilometers north- west of Willisau in a plane. It is surrounded to the south and hills to the north. To the southeast lies the Ruossgraben with the same stream. The trench is located between the mountain and the Well Kühberg ( 645-729 m asl ). The western part of Kühbergs is covered by high forest, cleared the rest. The hilly terrain north of the village called Guggi and rises to a maximum height of 713 m above sea level of. Part of the hill is forested (Already a floodplain ). The river flows from west Luthern coming over north of the village and turns from there to the north. Apart from the village itself, there are only small groups of houses and farmsteads in the community. From the area of 606 ha, 52.6 % is used for agriculture. The above-mentioned forests cover more 37.1% of the community. And only 9.7% is urbanized area.

Gettnau is bordered on the northeast by Schötz, to the east by Alberswil, to the south and to the west by Willisau cell.


The population grew greatly 1798-1850 ( 1798-1850: 46.2 %). From 1860 to 1888, she sank as a result of migration to the industrial centers by 17.7 %. The second wave of migration between 1950 and 1960, there are three phases of growth compared to ( 1888 to 1910: 17.5 % from 1930 to 1950: 17.0 % and from 1970 to 1990: 37.0 %). Since 1990 the population has stagnated just under 1,000 residents. The highest population reached the town in 2000 with 990 people.


The population used as everyday language, a high- Alemannic dialect. At the last census in 2000 gave 89.99 % German, 5.15% and 1.41 % Albanian Portuguese as the main language.

Religions - faiths

Previously, all residents of the community members of the Roman Catholic Church. Due to immigration from other regions in Switzerland and abroad, this has changed. Today ( as of 2000) provides for the religious landscape as follows: There are 80.20 % and 11.52 % Roman Catholic Evangelical Protestant Christians. In addition, one finds 1.72 % Muslim, 1.21% and 0.81 % non-religious members of other non-Christian faiths. The Muslims are the majority ethnic Albanian, the other non-Christians, Hindus of Tamil origin.

Origin - Nationality

End of 2006, of the 974 inhabitants, 862 Swiss and 112 ( = 11.5% ) are foreigners. The 2000 census registered 84.75 % ( 86.67 % including dual citizens ) Swiss nationals. The largest immigrant groups come from Serbia and Montenegro ( 7.07%, 8.18%, including dual citizens, mostly Albanians ), Portugal and Croatia.


The community has its own stop on the railway line Luzern- Langenthal. Gettnau is on the main road between Wolhusen and Huttwil. The nearest motorway, on the A2, Dagmersellen 12 km and Sursee are 13 kilometers away.


The community was settled in Alemannic time. The first historical mention of the name Kepinhouva owned directory of women Münster Abbey Zurich in the year 893 Gettnau later belonged until 1386 to the possession of the Habsburgs - nominally even to 1407 In the first year, many Gettnauer had accepted the citizenship of the city of Lucerne, but were officially on. subjects of the Habsburg county Willisau. 1407 bought the city of Lucerne, the entire county and made it to 1798 for bailiwick Willisau. From 1798 to 1803, the village belonged to the Helvetic District Willisau, since to the then newly created Office Willisau.


Interior of the church

Chapel Gettnau

Interior of the Chapel

Station Gettnau

Meeting house

Gettnau from east