Hasliberg is a municipality in the Interlaken- Oberhasli administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.


The municipality Hasliberg starts behind the Brünigpass ( 1,008 m). From there, it stretches over the whole sun terrace of the Haslital out to Planplatten ( 2,246 m) and runs on into the area Baumgarten / Engstlenalp. The municipality is bordered to the west and south of Meiringen, east to Innertkirchen and in the north to the canton of Obwalden. The highest point of the municipality is the Hasliberg " Glogghüs " with 2534 MT Sea, the lowest point is in the walk in Reutiberg with about 700 MT Sea.

The populated area extends over the four hamlets, to nine kilometers in length. Starting from Brünigpass 1008 m to get to Hasliberg Hohfluh, from there via Hasliberg- Wasserwendi Hasliberg - Goldern until finally Hasliberg- Reuti at an altitude between 1000-1200 MT Sea.


The name derives from the Hasliberg Old High German words genus Hasal ( hazel ) and mountain.

The first mention of the village was founded in 1358 as Hasle was talk to the mountains. As a church, it had in 1834 the name Hasle mountain before then finally in 1923 came to the present name Hasliberg.


Hasliberg has a foreign population of 16.32%.

Mountain railways

In Hasliberg- Wasserwendi there is a gondola through Lischen to the mountain station Käserstatt. From there leads a drag lift on Hohbühl and a 6-seater chairlift on Hochsträss.

Hasliberg- Reuti is the terminus of the cable car from Meiringen to Hasliberg- Reuti. From there you can upgrade to the 2005 newly built 8- seater gondola lift to the middle station Bidmi and mountain station Mägisalp. From the mountain station Mägisalp it goes with the 8-person gondola "Eagle Express" on plane plates in altitude of 2,250 m to the Alpine Tower. Also of Mägisalp out performs a 4-seater chairlift ( Glogghüs I) Hääggen (1950 masl ), where you can transfer to another 4-seater ( Glogghüs II ) to the Glogghüs ( 2500 m.ü M). come.


  • Adventure Dwarf Muggenstutz 1 (of Mägisalp to Bidmi ) and 2 ( from Käserstatt to Lischen )
  • Alphüttenrestaurant Hääggenstubeli, cozy restaurant, open at 2000 m above sea level in the ski resort in winter only.
  • Restaurant Hasliberg- Wasserwendi with exceptional panoramic views of the mountains and the glaciers Haslital up to Brienz.
  • Restaurant Hotel with panoramic view of the glacier dining
  • Gasthof zur Post in Hasliberg- Goldern, restaurant with sun terrace
  • Gasthof zum Ritterstübli in Hasliberg- Reuti, B B with restaurant and garden industry


In Hasliberg the well-known beyond the country's borders Ecole d' Humanité is established. The Ecole d' Humanité is a private school which is operated since 1946 under state supervision.