Niederried bei Interlaken


Lower bei Interlaken is a municipality in the Interlaken- Oberhasli administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

Place name

The name " Ried " can be interpreted in two ways: from the Old High German Riod, reoth ( clearing) or from the Swiss German Ried ( overgrown with reeds and marsh grass land ). However, it should be noted for low and Oberried on Lake Brienz, that these villages are situated on steep, sunny side and dry slopes of Riedergrates. High on Harder, Rieder and Brienzergrat also provide several corridors name " Ried ": Ried im Ringgenberg mountain, vineyards north above Niederried, vineyards above the village of Upper Ried and Gäldried, a station on the Rothorn Bahn. This Ried can not be associated with reeds, but rather with certain " Riod, reoth " clearing. This suggests the importance of using the Brienz " Ried " well to clear. This low- Ried was founded on Lake Brienz in all probability once by the Alemanni in a lower and upper Ried on Lake Brienz in an upper clearing. With the many suitable for house building dry corridors of the villages on Lake Brienz, it will have been the settlers no concern to nominate their communities after the extremely rare here so flat and swampy and useless for them Moesern.

First mention of a place name " Nidirriet ": April 15, 1303 In a dispute between the Lords of Ringgenberg and the Capuchin monks around the forest between Iseltwald and Bönigen was mentioned among others:. " Werner called in Buole, living in Nidirriet ".


Lower bei Interlaken lies in the Bernese Oberland on the north shore of Lake Brienz. The neighboring communities of north clockwise are starting Habkern, Oberried FR and Ringgenberg. The highest peak is the Suggiture ( 2085 m. Above sea level. M. ) on the northern boundary of the municipality.


Mayor of the municipality is Hans Studer (2009). In addition to the municipality exists under this name also a civic community.