View from the train Harder to Gsteigwiler, Wilderswil and mats

Gsteigwiler is a municipality in the Interlaken- Oberhasli administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

Place name

The original name of Gsteigwiler was " Wiler " and goes back to the Old High German wilari (small village ). The addition Gsteig - served to distinguish the numerous other Wiler and means " abrupt slope of a mountain, which can not be crossed with carts ."


Gsteigwiler lies in the Bernese Oberland at the foot of the Schynige plate in a valley. The neighboring communities of the north are starting clockwise: Matten bei Interlaken, Bönigen, Gündlischwand and Wilderswil. In the valley flows the Lütschinen.


Mayor is Bernhard Seiler (2009).


Through the valley leads the line of the Bernese Oberland Railways from Interlaken to Zweilütschinen, the inhabitants of Gsteigwiler probably use the Wilderswil train station close by. In the municipality there is an intermediate station Schynige Platte Railway, a tourist train.


The church Gsteig near Interlaken is at the bottom of the political community Gsteigwiler ( built in the 12th century on the site of an earlier church ) and is the center of one of the largest parishes ( Reformation 1528) of the Canton of Bern. The church has significant murals.


Church of Gsteig


Fresco ( church wall )

Grave of the daughter of Felix Mendelssohn -Bartholdy

Grave of two daughters of Robert Schumann