Jabukovac, Negotin

Jabukovac (Cyrillic: Јабуковац ) is a village in the Opština Negotin and in Okrug boron in eastern Serbia. The village is first mentioned by name in 1542.

Internationally, the village came in the summer of 2007 in the headlines as the rampage of Jabukovac nine people were shot.

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Geographical location

Jabukovac is located 220 meters above the sea level. The village was built on several hills, so you can reach the village only by mountainous and curvy roads.


In Jabukovac prevails, as well as in the surrounding villages and towns a temperate continental climate, with the usual for Europe four seasons.


The 2002 census (self- nomination) showed that a total of 1,884 people have settled in the village.

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