Kaprija is an island of the archipelago before Šibenik and lies between the islands Zmajan and Kakan in Croatia.

The island of the Mediterranean, plant caper, which, along with other herbs like rosemary or laurel, grows their name on the island.

Kaprija was first settled 400 years ago. Old houses and a church are still preserved. The only permanently inhabited village of the island is also called Kaprija. It is on a long, with sailors as storm- known bay. The hamlet medos in the northeast of the island is occupied only occasionally by farmers.

Your livelihood gained residents from fishing and gardening and fruit-growing ( olives, figs, pomegranates and mulberry trees). To defy the erosion by wind and weather, hundreds of kilometers of stone walls were coated by hand over the centuries. Even today, they serve their purpose. The up to 4 m high and 3 m wide walls were also used for fencing the property, sometimes as a house wall and even as a way. The water supply was based on several 100 m² of rain catch basin. Later drinking water was managed by boat to the island and pumped to the houses. Today, a modern water supply is installed.

From Šibenik the ferry operates several times a day after Kaprija. Tourism to the island has developed only in recent years.