Silba ( ital: Selve ) is one of the 18 inhabited islands of the Zadar archipelago. It is located between the islands Premandura Olib, Ilovik and Losinj in Croatia.

The island has been inhabited since Roman times. In the heyday of the 17th and 18th century up to 1200 people lived on the island. As northern Dalmatian island it is also called the gateway to Dalmatia. Silba heard about 15 km ² to the smaller of the inhabited islands of the archipelago. The island has the shape of an elongated strip which is only about 700 meters wide in the middle. The island has despite the small size to a very rich vegetation and beautiful coves. On the island there are both pebble beaches and fine sandy beaches ( on the west coast Pokukmarak, Luka sv. Ante, Mavrovo, Lojišće, Pernastic, east side of the Sotorišće, Draga and others)


On the island there is a settlement of the same name with restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, a post office and a currency exchange counter and a travel agency. There are no roads for cars or motorcycles on Silba.

The nearest large town on the mainland is Zadar, about 50 km away. There are daily ferry and boat trips to Zadar and 2-3 times a week can you get from the island to the neighboring islands and to Rijeka and Pula.

Beaches and ports of Silba

Zalic is the main port of the island Silba. He is very close to the south-west side of the island at the center of the island. However Zalic is not suitable for swimming. The port serves primarily as pier for large ships and ferries; private yachts can not invest here.

Pocukmarak is the largest beach on the south side of the island and is also very close to the center of the island. This beach is located at the southernmost end of Silbas Lungomare. It is a pebble beach with crystal blue sea. On Pocukmarak bathers can get drinks and snacks in the nearby cafe. About 100 meters up the hill is the oldest church of Silba and the church of St. Marko.

Porat Sv. Marka is a small bay on the southern side of the island. Although it is not particularly good for swimming, but it offers a beautiful view of the San Marko 's Church. In addition, private yachts can create one here.

The Dobre Vode is a very small, but also very attractive bay on Silba. It is about 3 km from the center and you have to take a 45-minute walk through the woods in purchase to achieve them. It is an ideal place for people who are happy with each other and want to escape major tourist floods.

Also Nozdre is a bay that is little visited. It consists of two separate parts: one part is completely made of fine sand and the other part is a mixed sand and shingle beach. Nozdre is far from the center of the island, but only about 10 minutes walk from Dobre Vode. In both bays, there are no cafes or bars, so you are reliant on self-sufficiency.