Murter is the name of a Croatian island in the Adriatic sea in Dalmatia. The main town of Murter in the north of the island of the same name.

In the northeast, directly adjacent to Murter is the village of Betina, Jezera and Tisno while the places are located on the southeast coast. The entire island has 5,192 inhabitants. Of these, 97.59 % Croats.


The island is located in the northwestern part of the Šibenik archipelago, 20 m away from the mainland by a canal at Tisno which is spanned by a 37 m long bridge. The island's land area is 17.5 km ². The hill provides Raduč with 125 m the highest point of the island dar.

The southwestern part usually has cliffs that are punctuated by sandy coves. Overall, many pebble beaches and a few sandy beaches on the island are to be found.


The island has been inhabited for about 2,000 years. In the vicinity of Betina remains of an Illyrian settlement have been discovered, which once bore the name Colentum. According to documents Murter was described in 1293 as "Villa Magna " ( Great village). Documents have also pointed out that there are two settlements on the island were in the 13th century - Jezera and Veliko Selo, Srimac (now Murter). A record from 1318 lists the name Mortari for Murter. The places Betina and Tisno were built mostly in the 15th century at the time of the Ottoman conquest. Due to a significant influx of refugees from the mainland to the island at the time increased the population of the island.

Cultural Heritage

  • Numerous finds of Christian texts in the Glagolitic script (instead of the Latin script ). These are now kept on the island and in the Vatican Museums.
  • The Church of St. Michael, the Holy Rock Chapel and the "Church of Our Lady of Gradina " are among the oldest churches on the island.
  • The traditional occupations of the islanders fishing and agriculture belongs: The island of Murter is known for excellent olive oil.
  • The nautical tourism is considered an important year-round industry. This allows most of the tourist influx is generated.