Molat is an island in Croatia. It belongs to the North Dalmatian islands in the area near Zadar.

Molat is separated from the mainland by the Zapuntelstraße ( kroat. Prolaz Zapuntel ). The island has an area of ​​22.7 km ² and has 222 inhabitants. The highest point of the island is Knizak with 142 meters. The flora of the island consists mainly of conifers.


The island has many bays. The harbor in the bay Lučina is estimated by Yacht athletes because of its calm and the wind-protected location (protection against winds from all directions except Southwest and West). The village Molat is slightly higher position. In the village there are some shops and a seafood restaurant.


After the Roman period, the island came to the Byzantine Dalmatia. 1151 it came into the possession of the Benedictine monastery Saint Krševan in Zadar. 1490 took over the Venetians power. In the Peace of 1540, the island came to the Ottoman Empire. The Peace of Karlowitz (1645 ), she returned to Venice. 1718, the island came under the Treaty of Passaro joke on Austria - Hungary. With the Peace of Pressburg in 1805 she came to France, even though Russia presented claims. After the Congress of Vienna in 1814/1815 the island came as part of the Crown Land Dalmatia to the Empire of Austria. With the Compromise of 1867, the island remains ( Cisleithania ) of the double monarchy in the Austrian part. 1918/1919, the island came to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

1939 visited the British King Edward VIII during a cruise the island. From 1941 to 1944, the island was occupied by Italy. The Italian fascists constructed on the island a prison camp. After the Second World War, the island fell to Yugoslavia. Since 1991 she is part of the independent Republic of Croatia.