Lahnau is a three districts, Waldgirmes, Dorlar and Atzbach community in the Lahn- Dill-Kreis in Hesse. It is located about halfway between the cities of Wetzlar (about 7 km ) and casting (about 8 km). The center of Lahnau is in Dorlar.

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Geographical location

Lahnau is right on the Lahn, on the north or right side and has the populated areas on the so-called Lahn- main terrace. Lahnau belongs to cooperation sliding Berger land that next Lahnau includes the municipalities of betting Mountain Media, Bochum and Heuchelheim.

Neighboring communities

Lahnau borders in the north on the community Biebertal, in the east on the community Heuchelheim (both in Gießen district ) and in the south and west by the city of Wetzlar (Lahn -Dill -Kreis).

Community structure

The municipality consists of the villages

  • Atzbach 3,001 inhabitants
  • Dorlar 1,901 inhabitants
  • Waldgirmes 3,334 inhabitants

( The population figures are based on a statistical population update of 31 December 2008)


On " Eberacker " at Dorlar could be the time of Drususfeldzüge by 10 BC, as evidenced by archaeological excavations of the Roman-Germanic Commission in 1991 and 1992, the Roman camp Lahnau- Dorlar, a strong Roman legion camp. On the western edge of today's Waldgirmes conducted since 1995 archaeological excavations have provided evidence for a civilian Roman town in Magna Germania. The use of the facility could be dated by coins found with coins of Varus: You was probably a few years before the birth of Christ and was abandoned after the defeat of the Romans in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in the second half of the year 9 AD. Ceramic finds prove here the peaceful coexistence of the Romans and the Germanic tribes. (→ Main article: Roman Forum Lahnau- Waldgirmes )


The community Dorlar settled eingemeinden 1972 voluntarily to Wetzlar. Wetzlar, Giessen, Atzbach, Waldgirmes and 12 other municipalities formed from 1977 to 1979 the city Lahn. Within the city of Lahn parts Waldgirmes, Dorlar and Atzbach formed the municipality Lahn Valley. After the dissolution of the city Lahn of the city district was an independent municipality on 1 August 1979 under the name Lahnau.

The district Dorlar was thus within seven years to four different communities, which should be considered as a curiosity even in the complicated history of the municipal reform in Hesse.


Since the 16th century Atzbach, Dorlar and Waldgirmes were Protestant. However, after the Second World War are also many Roman Catholic refugees from Silesia and German people from Hungary came to Lahnau. Nevertheless, today the majority is Protestant. A historical peculiarity is that the boundaries of the Protestant churches of the Rhineland and Hesse run exactly through the town. The congregation Atzbach - Dorlar belongs to the Rhineland, those from Waldgirmes to Hesse.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


On 27 March 2011 Eckhard Schultz was confirmed as mayor of Lahnau. As the sole candidate gained the administrative lawyer who is a member of the SPD, 69.7 % of the vote.


Lahnau maintains partnership relations with the communities Wincanton in the United Kingdom as well as mountain Gera in Thuringia.

Culture and sights


  • The Roman Forum Lahnau- Waldgirmes, an open air museum, shows the oldest stone foundations in Germany, once a Roman forum, the world's only fragments of a life-size bronze gilded equestrian statue of Emperor Augustus and numerous jewelery and Gebrausgegenstände for which there are no known comparison pieces.
  • History museum in the district Waldgirmes


  • Ev. Church Atzbach
  • District Court Atzbach (now primary)
  • Backhaus Atzbach
  • Ev. Church Dorlar
  • Catholic parish church Dorlar
  • Altes Backhaus Dorlar (now also register office / maid room, meeting room, creative workshop and apartment)
  • Ev. Church Waldgirmes


The TV 05 Waldgirmes is successfully since 2012 in volleyball in the third Bundesliga active. The SC Waldgirmes plays in the Football League Hesse. The AS Lahn countries Lahnau operates endurance sport and its triathlon team starts on the 1st Hessian Triathlon League.

Regular events

  • Kirmes in Waldgirmes, the weekend of the first Sunday in August
  • Lahn countries, on the last Saturday in June
  • Dorlar Backhaus hard, every 2 years on the first weekend in September
  • Lahn Auer pupils Duathlon, on the last Saturday in September
  • 2nd Advent Advent market Atzbacher
  • 1st Advent Christian Waldgirmeser nickel market
  • Kirmes in Atzbach, annually in June

Public institutions

Educational institutions

In the districts Atzbach and Waldgirmes each is a primary school. Furthermore the Commune Lahnau with the Lahn Valley School Lahnau a comprehensive school in Atzbach whose support is the country -Dill-Kreis.

Leisure and sports facilities

  • Youth center Lahnau
  • Jogging path Atzbach
  • Sportpark Lahnau in Dorlar, artificial grass and turf pitch, athletics track
  • Indoor and outdoor pools with 50 × 12.5 m pool and large lawn
  • Riding Hall / riding arena
  • Sports field in Waldgirmes, grass and artificial turf