Lisa's Wedding

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Lisa's Wedding (English title: Lisa's Wedding) is the 19th episode of the sixth season and thus the 122nd episode of The Simpsons. She won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program ( For Programming Less Than One Hour ) in 1995.


The episode begins with the Simpson family visits a medieval market. Father Homer eaten there for eight different kinds of meat and brags about what daughter Lisa therefore solely goes very ashamed of and the market. Finally, it reaches the level of a fortune teller. Although she is suspicious at first, but the fortune teller can gain their attention, in which she can call her the names of the other family members. Lisa promises to predict their use of the Tarot their future and to tell her the story of her first true love.

The plot is now the prophecy again: In 2010 (at the time of the weight of 15 years in the future ) the now 23- year-old Lisa learns when studying at an Ivy League University to know their British fellow Hugh Parkfield. A scuffle at a book and rivalry in academic performance can quickly lead to a stormy love affair. Hugh invites Lisa to his parents in England, which are members of the upper class. There he made her a proposal of marriage, which she accepts spontaneously. When she reported it to her mother Marge on the phone, this promises to prevent her that father Homer ruined the wedding.

Margin is in the vision of the future is still a housewife, Lisa's brother Bart ( now 25) has been a successful demolition contractor, the little sister Maggie is a supposedly very talkative teenager, but she never comes in this sequel to word. Homer is still a security officer of the local nuclear power plant, Milhouse Van Houten, a former classmate and friend of his son, is now his boss.

Lisa and Hugh travel to wedding preparations in Lisa's hometown of Springfield, but does Lisa have to worry that her family disgraced. Things take a bad start, accidentally set as Bart and Homer a British flag on fire and then put out the fire with compost. After dinner Homer Hugh invites you into his local pub, while Lisa has a fitting for her wedding dress. The pub shows Homer Hugh very kitsch cufflinks ( two pigs as bride and groom ) that are traditionally worn in his family by the groom to the wedding; he asks him to continue this tradition. Hugh agrees reluctantly. When Lisa wants to be in the evening at Hugh apologize later for the behavior of their family, Hugh pretends to have no problem with that, but looks unhappy here.

On the wedding day, Lisa, that Hugh does not wear the cufflinks discovered. Because she finds the gesture of her father touching, she asks Hugh to put on the cufflinks. It grants; but at the same time he can overshadow that he expects that they will be living in England and Lisa her family to turn their backs. Lisa is very angry and tells Hugh with that she can not marry him because he does not understand that, despite their errors very loves her family. You can burst the wedding and runs away.

Then finished the fortune teller her story: She says that Hugh goes back to England and he and Lisa never see each other again. This fate is not able to prevent, but the fortune teller tells her to make a surprised face when it happens. Lisa asks if it will be her one true love, the fortune teller speaks out: Lisa would find true love, their predictions, however, would be limited to relationships where one is moved back and torn. Lisa leaves the state and meets her father, who wants to tell her excited by his fair experiences. No longer ashamed, Lisa takes his hand as they go home and listen to him happy and satisfied.


" Hugh Parkfield " is a parody of the English actor Hugh Grant.