Messerschmitt P.1101

The Messerschmitt P. 1101 was an experimental aircraft, wherein the sweep angle of the wings could be changed.

The aircraft was on a development order of the High Command of the Luftwaffe ( OKL ) for a single-seat fighter returns with 1000 km / h speed in 7000 m height, which was issued in mid-1944. The P.1101 was there primarily for the testing of the swept wing and should not be the OKL submitted as a draft for the tender itself, but the subsequently to be developed Messerschmitt P.1110. Since the proposed Heinkel HeS -011 jet engine was not yet available, the prototype was fitted with a Junkers Jumo - 004 engine. The Tragflächenpfeilung P. 1101 was adjustable only on the ground at an angle between 35 ° to 45 °. As the plane was nearing completion, the Americans in Oberammergau captured in April, 1945, the Messerschmitt factory ( the so-called Upper Bavarian Research) and transferred to the prototype in the U.S. in order to subject him to extensive tests. As a result, the Bell X -5, which was a derivative of the P. 1101 aircraft and their swing wings were adjustable in the air originated. Research results also came to Sweden and formed the basis for development of the Saab 29 " Tunnan ".