Montegrotto Terme

Abano Terme Abano Terme is according with 11,144 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012) is the second largest city in the Euganean thermal area in the province of Padua. The city is bordered to the north by Abano, with which it is almost grown together in recent decades. It is located east of the Euganean Hills and comes close to the first foothills. The distance to Venice is 45 kilometers. Padua is located 12 kilometers north of Abano.

Excavations in the city prove that have already passed several precious equipped pool facilities during the Roman Imperial period, which have been built for the use of this emerging from the depth of thermal waters. There are also indications that have passed bathing facilities already in pre-Roman times. The name of Abano is derived from the Latin name " Mons Aegrotorum " (mountain of the sick ). In the Middle Ages it was known as " San Pietro Montagnon ", probably derived from the name of the ruling dynasty Montagnone.

The management of Abano underwent many changes over time. In 1921 the area was declared a community called San Pietro Montagnon. 1934, the name was changed in Abano, as the railway station on the railway line Bologna - Padua already bear this name. Since the 1950s, Abano became an important thermal center with currently 36 thermal hotels. In addition to Italian guests to visit many foreign spa guests, especially those from Germany to gain from Switzerland and Austria, the thermal baths of Abano, especially a relief for rheumatism and joint pain. The thermal water also leaves the mud tires, which also helps against rheumatism and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system and in the rehabilitation of sports injuries.

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